ClimBall OHG

ITA 2021

BoulderBall®, the first combined training tool and game specifically made for climbers, finger-strength training and climbing technique.
Inspired by climbers, the BoulderBall® packs an ideal climb-training tool and fidgeting game for climbers into a small ball that can be brought along everywhere. The round structure of the BoulderBall® is the canvas for eight different climbing routes, specifically designed for different skill levels and climbing techniques. The routes on the BoulderBall® are all color coded and match a set of playing cards which serve as guides for the game. The playing cards are inspired by the greatest climbing routes on the world's most difficult peaks. The cards set your next steps and can be used to challenge yourself or your friends, teaching you new handgrips and problem solving. Different climbing holds of different shapes and sizes guide you through the route to the end point. Strength, conditioning and finger-technique can thus be trained on the go, whether at home, in the office, at school or as warm-up before a climbing session. With BoulderBall®, for the first time ever, climbers are enabled to closely observe and analyze finger-technique, positioning and efficiency through a small, lightweight and super portable climbing gadget.
Just throw it into your backpack and use it to boulder it all, with the BoulderBall®.