zitturi sampler

Zitturi Tischlerei Design Christof Zitturi & Co. Snc 

ITA 2022

A revolutionary corporate gift in form of a sample card designed to be placed on business partners’ desks. With sinuous forms and an ergonomic structure, the sample card is conceptualized to be very pleasurable and satisfying to hold, making it a gift that will be kept on desks and used with pleasure. The sample card showcases how the innovative natural stabilized floor treatment developed by the Italian carpentry “Zitturi” prevents wooden floors from turning yellow over an ageing period of 5 years. A magnifying glass incorporated in the first layer, made from machined brass, can be slidden on top of each one of the 5 natural wood layers to inspect the effects of time and light on a treated and non-treated floor. Thus architects, designers and artisans are enabled to showcase the product and ageing process first hand without having to resort to heavy and bulky samples or virtual renderings, making the sample card a very practical, yet fidgety and pleasing corporate gift to be placed on desks or carried around in business bags.