Tree Sauna

Almhotel Lenz - Olang


A Tree Sauna to reconnect with nature and refill your inner batteries. Located in the Dolomites, the sauna is entirely made out of wood harvested from the surrounding area. Through a big window you can gaze into the wilderness, have a view over the underlying valley and admire the majestic Dolomitic peaks. The structure is built on a tree, a feature that gives you a birds eye perspective over the beautiful surrounding nature. This feat also gives you a feeling of freedom and literally lets your body and soul dangle for a refreshing and one of a kind experience. Climbing trees has forever been in our DNA and has helped our ancestors to feel safe and screen the surrounding areas for millennia. Now, the Tree Sauna helps you reconnect to your innate instincts and find peace and ease in the surrounding nature.
– First Tree Sauna in the Dolomites
– Completely made of wood
– Accommodates 6 people