Planit GmbH

ITA 2022

Planit th(s)ink (meaning: thinking about sustainability, water and nature + sink) is the first smart sink with integrated water-saving signaling system, aiming to sensitize users to have a more sustainable relationship with the consumption of water. Manufactured from Corian, diamond pattern grooves integrating RGB-LED light strips are machined on the underside of the sink module. The RGB-LED light shines through the thinner Corian material left by the machined grooves, highlighting the diamond shaped pattern on the top-side of the sink module. A soft welcome light-pattern impulse inspired by a human heartbeat starts from wherever the sink is touched and runs over the whole surface of the sink like a wave. After the first impulse, the lights are programmed to emit static blue colored light when water starts running through the tap, providing a secondary light source and mood lighting. When water is flowing through the tap, the light changes color over time, from blue to red, according to the water usage. Thus, the user is visually notified when water flows for too much time, providing a cue to limit the consumption of water.