Goccia di Luce


ITA 2022

Designed for the upcoming “Light and Water Festival” in Bressanone, Italy, the Goccia di Luce (LightDrop) is a lamp symbolizing water, light, nature, sustainability and cohesion. The lamp shapes are unique copies of digital water droplets resulting from the shattering of a large digital water drop. These droplets also perforate the primary drop shape of the lamp, portraying the natural course of water as small droplets eventually turn into a powerful water stream. Similarly, placed throughout the urban festival site as decorative accent lamps and beacons for visitors, the lamps displayed by all participating partners and stores express unity and the desire to protect nature. The lamps will immerge the city into a unique and suggestive atmosphere, indicating cohesion and empowering individuals in contributing to environmental protection.

Goccia di Luce is sustainably printed by the most advanced selective cement activation 3D printing process with recycled glass as base material and 250 pieces per print. The perforations and internal LED lighting create dramatic and mesmerizing light patterns, providing each lamp with a unique lighting signature.

3D printed concrete