Flower Boutique


ITA 2023

The first boutique entirely 3D printed in concrete.
The flower boutique is entirely and sustainably printed by the highest resolution concrete powder bed printer available today. All the structural and non-structural parts of the boutique are single production and bespoke design pieces, specifically conceived for the boutique.
The non-structural and decorative elements of the flower boutique are entirely printed in 3D by using a highly advanced concrete printing method. The bespoke interior was entirely crafted around the client’s need: to create a contrasting yet enhancing atmosphere for the flower displays. The stark contrast between the sensitive and soft flower bouquets and the raw material sets both the design aesthetic and flowers on a pedestal, creating a new, sophisticated and refreshing ambiance.
Sustainably printed with recycled glass as base material, the boutique features 3D concrete printed furniture, decoration, exhibition stands, cabinets and desks. All single parts are printed in one piece, providing structural stability and a continuous, smooth surface. Parts of the 3D printed interiors are color coated to create the desired ambience and lighten the room.
The raw sensations and essentialism provided by the 3D printed concrete provide a stark yet complementary contrast to the colorful display of flower bouquets and stylish vases.