DGTL Circus

Kreatif GmbH

ITA 2018

DGTL Circus: a co-working space focused on innovation through digitalization and flexibility is combined with fun and creativity.
The circus, a place of magic, creativity and visions. The DGTL Circus opens up a space for creatives: here, creative people and companies develop innovative ideas and new impulses in the field of digitalization are set. The central meeting point is the circus tent, a divisible and movable bar area for partying, chatting and exchanging ideas. Around the tent is a flexible area for workshops, presentations, meetings, co-working and events. Light-filled, transparent, open. Movable boxes can be used as stools, shelves or tables. A projection surface including a beamer and 10 movable flatscreens used for visualizations. Two swings to let your thoughts run free. Offices that are visible but protected by glass fronts. The meeting area at the entrance allows creative people and companies to meet up. And the kitchen is where the best ideas have often been cooked up.